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Highlands Sewer District Expands to Include Water and Wastewater Utilities

Aerial photo of The Highlands

Historical Perspective

Highlands Sewer District first came into existence in 1972 in order to provide more focused management of The Highlands' sanitary sewer system. Roughly 30 years later, after a significant rebuild of both the domestic water and stormwater systems, a portion of the stormwater system was transferred over to the sewer district; with the remaining portion transferred in 2019.

Over the past year, the District and the HOA began conducting comprehensive system analyses to determine the best approach to managing The Highlands' "three water" system (storm-, waste-, and domestic water) system, including the range of infrastructure updates and improvements necessary to ensure the system operates as safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible.

Benefits of a New Combined Utility District

Based on the results of these analyses, the HOA voted to transfer the domestic water system over to Highlands Sewer (and Wastewater) District in 2023, resulting in the formation of The Highlands official "Highlands Utility District."

Consolidating domestic water, stormwater and sewer under a single District entity not only enables more holistic and comprehensive management of these utilities, it makes sound operational sense in terms of shared staff, equipment, and processes. It also enables the District to apply for more affordable bond financing as a municipal entity, and be insured under a pool of other water/sewer districts, both of which help keep the cost of utilities more affordable.


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